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Greg Gossel in Black and White

Greg Gossel‘s current solo exhibition at Aqua Art Miami shows a mix of new and old styles. Departing from his usual pop color palette, Gossel simplified his new screenprint/collage pieces by limiting himself to black and white. His eight new canvases are clearly in line with his usual style but their lack of color allows the imagery to speak even more boldly. With a more documentary feel, you might imagine these works as advertisements pasted on a New York City wall or torn from a yellowed newspaper.

Below are selected works from the exhibition (which can be viewed in its entirety here). If you are in Miami this week, stop by Aqua Wynwood’s Booth 20 before tomorrow, December 5th to experience a new side to Greg Gossel.

Blogging the Vault with Patrick Segui

You may know Patrick Segui for his scientific shadowbox dioramas, but we have recently uncovered a whole new side to this artist. He uses his new blog to crack open the vault, pulling all kinds of old drawings from his sketchbooks. These drawings are a fun take on cubism, Parisian cafes, jazz, blues and soul music. Also of interested are images from Segui’s studio filled with antiques, curiosities, and aging books. We already know from his first blog, Riveted, that Patrick is infatuated with anything vintage (as if his art didn’t say it all).

Scroll down for a few images from Patrick’s art blog or go straight to the source here.

We love Patrick’s explanation of the self portrait pictured below:

Such a classical theme among artists that over the years, like my forerunners, I’ve indulged in. It’s always been either out of boredom, or lack of imagination at the time. Introspection or cheapest “model” money can buy…you decide. Anyhow I’ve always kept some of the craziest in my sketchbooks. Here’s one i still like. It was at the time a more elaborate sketch for a diorama, a project for a group show called: “portrait of the artist.” I ended up doing one of George Grosz instead, more interesting without a doubt.

Inside and Out: Greg Gossel in Miami

Tomorrow marks the opening of Miami’s Aqua Wynwood art fair where galleries, artists, and collectors venture from all over the world to share their love of art. Greg Gossel has been in the spotlight this year, as he was elected by the Aqua committee to create a large scale mural on the building facade. He came prepared with a fresh collection of wheat paste images to create a larger than life collage reminiscent of his signature works on canvas and wood.

Gossel is also making a splash indoors with a solo exhibition that includes 14 pieces in color and 8 new canvases in black and white. Aqua Art calls for a venture into new territory, and Greg has lived up to his name with these dynamic new works. Exhibition details below:

Solo exhibition by Greg Gossel

December 3-5,2009

Aqua Wynwood art fair, Booth 20

View exhibition online

We are also happy to have the artists Morgan Slade, Casey Gray, Aaron Nagel, Ramblin Worker, and Jesse Hazelip in Miami with us. We appreciate their efforts to be here, showing devotion to their craft and support of the gallery. Stay tuned for updates and we hope to see you in Miami this week!

Red Carpet: Yumiko Kayukawa

Red Carpet

Yes, we know that Yumiko Kayukawa‘s opening reception for Wild Wild East happened over two weeks ago; yet Thanksgiving and Aqua Art Miami have kept us busy. We haven’t forgotten about sweet Yumiko, who looked dazzling as ever in a room full of her paintings on November 14th, 2009. It was also great to see Mike Giant, C3, Akira, Aaron Nagel, Casey Gray, Fanee, Erik Otto, D Young V, and other artists here showing support.

If you missed the chance to meet Yumiko in person, read the interview she gave us here. Also be sure to view her full exhibition online and scroll down for flicks from the opening reception. You can catch the last days of Wild Wild East through this Saturday, December 5th at The Shooting Gallery for a playful dose of Yumiko’s imagination.

Yumiko poses with Wild Wild East

Akira and his girlfriend

The always stylish Fanee

Chris Blackstock and Mike Giant

Watercolors, Hoodies, and Vids from Joshua Petker

Our good friend in Los Angeles, Joshua Petker, has been up to no good lately. Through his trusty Twitter updates we have learned of recent fashion collaborations and video interviews worth blogging about.

To kick things off, here is a new watercolor from JP. In recent months we have seen an obvious advancement in Joshua’s use of this difficult medium, and we look forward to seeing where he takes them next.

You may have already heard about Joshua’s recent fashion collaboration, Gold vs Petker. Although the line was launched in July with a red carpet/runway event, the clothes just became viewable online. Not only do we love seeing Joshua’s entrancing paintings in a new context; we are attracted to the innovative compositions of these photographs. From the Gold vs Petker Collection:

We hope to see some ladies rocking these leggings at Petker’s next opening.

To conclude this update, we leave you with Hurley Art’s studio visit with Joshua. He discusses the origins of his painting career on video while new works can be seen peeking from the background. We can’t wait to see these in person. Watch the video interview here, or read below for Caroline Ryder’s written interview with the artist.

‘Where Impressionism meets the street’

Josh Petker is an artist tortured by dichotomy. A former graffiti writer who fell in love with the Impressionists, Petker has the eye of a gay haute couturier, but he paints with the loins of a red-blooded Fabio. Here Hurley Art talks to Petker about graffiti, Nirvana (the place, not the band), and sending smiley faces in texts. -Caroline Ryder

HOW DID YOU GET IN TO PAINTING? It started with graffiti. And I got into that in the way many other artists would—its what my friends did. I was never like a famous graffiti guy or anything but I did it a lot and it was all I cared about for years. I didn’t go to art school but I did go to college and I have a degree in Biblical History. At the end of my senior year I went to Italy because I knew some Italian graffiti writers. While I was there I started drawing in the museums and realized how much I love drawing figures. I came back to America wanting to be a fine artist. That was in September 2001.

HOW HAS YOUR TAKE ON ART CHANGED SINCE THEN? When I started getting in to art I was pretty unsophisticated in my artistic interests. I just loved the impressionists, and that was it. All my heroes were from 1850 and prior. I didn’t understand anything besides what was obvious, and the impressionist painters are super easy to understand. I would go to contemporary galleries and see a weird square of wood on a nail and I didn’t get it. Now that’s the stuff I’m actually more into. The abstract stuff.

WHAT SPARKED THE CHANGE? I got into a serious relationship a year ago, I guess that changed my perspective. A lot of the girls I was painting were from that old porn site God’s Girls and they would come over and model, and I would party with those girls. We’re all still in touch but after a while you just want to change things up a little.

THEY ARE VERY FEMININE PAINTINGS. Yes, that actually ties in with my biblical history degree. I am not a religious person at all, I don’t even believe in God, but I studied it because it was fascinating to me. So many religions are based on the duality of the goddess and the god; the male and the female. So many mythologies suggest that the union of the two is what leads you to Nirvana and Enlightment—that’s when all dualities have been merged. So for me, I am a man, and I am a straight man, but I want to make work that is so feminine that it removes a duality.

SO YOU’RE A PRETTY GIRLY DUDE, THEN? Yes. I do smiley faces all the time in text messages.

LOOKING INTO THE FUTURE, I WONDER WHAT’S COMING NEXT FOR YOU, IN TERMS OF YOUR STYLE. OR EVEN IF, GOD FORBID, YOU BROKE UP WITH YOUR GIRLFRIEND. If this relationship ended I would change my name to a symbol and start only painting androgynous people in shades of gray. Maybe.

-Caroline Ryder /Hurley Art

Keep up the good work Joshua!

Erik Foss in the House

In the House

Erik Foss just flew in from NYC armed with dozens of vintage frames and insane asylum accessories. A straight jacket, chains, a cloth mask now hang above his mixed media paper pieces and paintings in Gallery Three. They await your visit to the opening reception of Unseen on TV taking place tomorrow (Nov 14) from 7-11pm at Gallery Three.

Erik Foss and Steve MacDonaldErik Foss with Ramblin Worker

Erik Foss at Gallery Three

Erik Foss at Gallery Three

Erik Foss at Gallery Three

Erik Foss at Gallery Three

Erik Foss at Gallery Three

Erik Foss at Gallery Three

by Erik Foss

by Erik Foss

by Erik Foss

Nevr by Erik Foss

This collection of work is as personal as it gets. Each piece relates to a relationship in Erik’s past or present, and possibly even his future. Some of the stories are of tragedy, rage, or seduction while others are softly inviting. Come see Unseen on TV in person to understand Erik Foss from the inside out.

Opening reception: Saturday, November 14th 7-11pm at Gallery Three

We’ll see you there!