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“Winter Warz” Solo Exhibit and Installation by Adam Flores

gallery 3Gallery Three 835 Larkin Street San Francisco, CA 94109 (T) 415 931 8035 

 “Winter Warz” Solo Exhibit and Installation by Adam Flores

"Winner Warz"

Opening Reception: April 11th 2009 from 7-10 pm. Open to the public.

Showing: April 11th 2009 through May 7th 2009.

**Note: Gallery Three has moved locations

Gallery Three is glad to present “Winter Warz” new works and installation by Adam Flores. For those who know Adam Flores personally, “Winner Warz” is clearly a reflection of the artist in his entirety. This exhibit is personal, honest and reveals the strong influences behind the artist.

This new body of work comments on Flores’ relationships, vulnerability, and protection. It is comprised of eroded castles and exploding windmills all seemingly abandoned and in the process of being taken over by tentacle-like bushes, masses of land and water. “Winner Warz” questions the connection between man and nature. The lack of human existence and a past forgotten, figure prominently into his work. A deserted 1982 DeLorean buried in mountains of moneybags and banners made of food stamps touches on the struggles of social and economic class growing up outside of LA. Burning crosses and brightly colored Christmas Trees are symbolic of his faith, morals and family values. Flores says, ”Each piece is always relating directly to my life. My stuff had been to ‘make people happy’ but now I’m being more honest with my work and focusing on making myself happy.”

Adam Flores graduates from The Academy of Art University this spring. “Winter Warz” is his second solo show at Gallery Three, as has shown at galleries throughout San Francisco including The Shooting Gallery, White Walls, Gallery 1988, Alternative Café, as well as Neurotion Gallery in Berlin. With a growing following, Adam Flores continues to explore the relationship with his drawings and paintings. In “Winter Warz” Flores is focusing more on composition, perspective and incorporating strong personality traits into his collection. The exhibit is high energy, using strong imagery and colors. Please come for the opening reception of “Winter Warz”on April 11th, 2009 from 7-10 pm at the new Gallery Three, located above White Walls Gallery at 835 Larkin St. This event is open to the public.

Attention: Annex space “Gallery Three” has moved and is now located above White Walls Gallery at 835 Larkin St.