Daily Archives: April 9, 2009

Adam Flores Brings Christmas In April

Adam has been working round the clock to to turn the White Walls annex into a new and improved Gallery Three. Coffee stains, crooked windmills and a real live (plastic) Christmas tree might possibly be up his sleeve. See what he’s been up to between class and pizza breaks.

adam2Decorating the tree is more fun in Springtime.

img_0963Adam recruits friends to do the fun stuff.

adam1Just wait till Santa finds out about this.

Shooting Gallery Cameo: Yeah Yeah Yeahs “Zero”

Red lipstick and shiny black bangs recently graced the alleyway of White Walls and Shooting Gallery, owed to none other than miss Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. She danced it up and flashed her killer leather jacket with the White Walls mural as her backdrop, all for the new music video “Zero.” We are proud to see such a sassy and stylin lady in our own little alley- and if we do say so ourselves, it looks good on ya Karen O.