Daily Archives: April 15, 2009

Erik Otto Print Release: “The Voyage”

We are excited to welcome Erik Otto for a solo show at The Shooting Gallery this November, an event that we anticipate with a special print release.”The Voyage” is a quintessential Otto image, and we feel that it fits well with this excerpt of Erik’s artist statement:

“Through my artwork and installations, I am narrating an autobiographical story that depicts the struggle to connect my awakened state to the desires found within. Pulling from what builds me as well as what tries to destroy me, my goal is that through my work, I may find peace in creating and questioning my own existence.”





“The Voyage” is a six color screen print in a signed edition of 100. It sizes in at 18in x 24in and is printed on archival 110 lb paper. $50. Contact The Shooting Gallery at shootinggallerysf@gmail.com for more details.

DRAW Show: Red Carpet Snapshots

Red Carpet

We were thoroughly impressed with Saturday night’s turnout for DRAW Show. Here are a few snippets of the fun times, courtesy of Erik Foss’ photo album.


img_7595Mike Davis, Curse Mackey and Henry Lewis

img_7600Erik Foss with Winston Smith

img_7566Adam Flores and Shawn Barber

Kevin E. Taylor Releases “Punny Fages”

San Francisco based artist, Kevin E. Taylor, holds a special place in our hearts as the debut artist of Gallery Three. Today we perused his blog to check in on his recent endeavors- and yes, he’s busy. We enjoyed the mummified bears and omniscient jellyfish that adorn his new designs for Oakland based band, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, and we found ourselves laughing a little too hard at his “silly little book.” Punny Fages is hand screen printed in an edition of 100, taking puns to the next level with cheesy Jesus and Darth Nader. See the entire book here.


Kevin just finished a show at the Mission district boutique, Belljar, called “Stranger Things Have Happened.” We look forward to having him at The Shooting Gallery this November.