Daily Archives: April 18, 2009

Minivans and Pollack: Ron on Jux.com

The ever-attentive bloggers over at Juxtapoz.com are at it again: 20 questions with a paramount figure in contemporary art. No biggie. See what Juxtapoz has to say about Ron English, and what he says back:

“Ron English is a living legend. From his eye catching pop-infused paintings to collaborative mural projects; illegal billboard stunts to the tour of his iconographic Abraham Obama image, Ron English has mastered the art of popaganda, and that’s just the way he likes it. Hear from this truly inspiring creator in our 20 Questions with Ron English here.”

Press Release: Isabel Samaras

“Into the Woodz”

New Works By Isabel Samaras

Opening Reception: May 9th 2009, from 7-11 pm. Open to the public

Showing: May 9th through June 4th 2009

The Shooting Gallery is proud to present Isabel Samaras’ new works, “Into the Woodz.” Samaras rewrites a classic child’s fairy tale in this collection of oil paintings. Magical realism and the forbidden fantasies of fabled characters present a world where elusive desires become reality.

Read the full press release here.

Shawn Barber in Chilean Art Mag

Shawn Barber blows us away with his ability to translate the original canvas of tattoos-skin- onto a flat, static one. Word of his double-exposure style portraits has reached faraway Chile, where a great art magazine called Joia has taken notice. Their most recent issue highlights Shawn Barber’s paintings of Kat Von D and other installments of tattoo culture, such as the ever-steady gun pictured below. Dig deeper into the issue here.