Daily Archives: April 29, 2009

We Heart Tenderloin

The Tenderloin is known for many things: historical buildings, a bustling nightlife, and $3 Vietnamese sandwiches. However the homeless population of the TL is often sidestepped, an issue that Central City Hospitality House works against. Since 1967, this organization has offered peer-led groups that promote job creation, substance use counseling, and creative expression for our neighbors in need. San Franciscans can support this cause on May 21st at Andrea Schwartz Gallery, host of the 24th Annual Art Auction for Hospitality House.

Since the opening of The Shooting Gallery in 2003, we have already seen great advancements in the Tenderloin community. By donating artwork to the Hospitality House auction, we support social change on the home front. With Barclay’s and 7×7 on board, it’s sure to be a lively event: stay tuned for more details.

Imminent Utopia

“Perhaps it is far too objectionable to begin to agree upon what art is or what great art should be. Therefore, it is most certain that for myself, within this occupation, I must be true to my tastes and to expel those pressures to conform to art-trends new or old.” –Kris Kuksi Interview

If Nike CEOs are dishing out six digits for your sculptures, you know things are looking up even in the bleakest of economic states. Kris Kuksi recently sold his largest piece yet: snatched up by Mark Parker of Nike. We are sure that this elaborate labyrinth of characters and tarnished landscape will live up its name,”Imminent Utopia.”