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Words of Hope from 666

If you’re worried about the world at large, watch this video from the opening of “The Future Is So Bright” at 666 Gallery and breathe deep.

KQED covered the event with enthusiasm, and we like what they had to say:

“The space, formerly the location of Gallery Three, is a cozy oasis the size of a walk-in closet in the seedy wilds of San Francisco’s Tenderloin district . . . Feast on Alexandra Steele’s coyote decoys, Nas Chompas’ explosive fantasy world, Mark Warren Jacques’ trippy geometry, and Timothy Karpinski’s childhood bric-a-brac.” -Emmanuel Hapsis, KQED

Also check out opening night photos here.

Flesh to Canvas

If you live in San Francisco, tattoos are as common as t shirts and cigarettes. But we understand that not everywhere in the world embraces tattoo culture quite like the Bay Area; and New York’s Last Rites Gallery feels the same way. “Flesh to Canvas” is a group exhibition featuring prominent tattoo artists that don’t limit themselves to needle and ink. Shawn Barber, Draw Show’s Kim Saigh, George Campise, and Paul Booth are just a few of the tattooists participating in a show that’s sure to raise hairs.

Read the full press release at Abort Magazine

Bring Out the Monsters

No one knows monsters better than Travis Louie, and the expert himself is curating a group show to prove it. “The Monster Show” will be opening on July 7th at Copro Nason Gallery featuring Isabel Samaras, Ron English, Kris Kuksi, Molly Crabapple, Chris Ryniak, Audrey Kawasaki and more.


Guillermo del Toro x Travis Louie

We gather that Travis Louie‘s new book will be available in the next few months, and we can’t wait to get our hands on it. Guillermo del Toro (of Pan’s Labyrinth and Hellboy) graces the back cover with a dramatic take on Louie’s work:


“Meticulous, photo-realistic irreality. Dimensional daguerreotypes oozing through the wrong end of the looking glass. Respectable monstrosities in their best Sunday clothes. Travis Louie is the absolute master of his own askew domain . . . His genuine love of the bizarre infects each subject in this gallery of prim, prissy Misfits and Respectable Rogues.”  -Guillermo del Toro

Source: Travis Louie’s blog.

The Clown Just Keeps Gettin Fatter


Ron English and Ronald McDonald have a tumultuous relationship to say the least. The miserable clown mascot has become Ron’s icon for obesity, corporate evil, and a diseased society. This deluxe edition fiberglass figure is 3 feet tall, easily becoming the most terrifying of all Ron’s McBig Boy renditions. This yellow beast was crafted by Hobby Master’s Rommel Chua and brought to life by MINDstyle. There will be no clownin around this June when MINDstyle’s Delux McSupersized Me hits the market.


Travel Diary: East Coastin with Erik Otto

This month Erik Otto flew across the country to install two exhibitions: a solo show at NYC’s Charmingwall and a joint show at Philly’s Shadow’s Space. He had many adventures while on the East Coast, and we were lucky to grab a tidbit from his travel diary:

“I had the most productive time out there and was fortunate to both meet and work with some heroes in the art world.  SF will always be my home, but the inspiration I get in NYC keeps me coming back for more.” -Erik Otto

Some shots of Charmingwall:

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Wednesday Walkabout: Into the Woodz

If you haven’t been by to see Isabel Samaras’ new show, “Into the Woodz,” time is running short. Set your GPS to The Shooting Gallery and see these new works before June 5th.