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Exclusive Interview: Isabel Samaras

Isabel Samaras is a devious lady. She entices viewers with cuddly, dookie chain bearing woodland creatures or classical portraits of pop culture monsters. One might chuckle at the immediate irony presented, but upon deeper contemplation, Isabel poses heavy questions. Why is Goldylocks in the woods and not with her wealthy prince? How is it possible that Frankenstein and his bride are living happily ever after?

The satire penetrates to the bone, dissecting American folklore and Disney traditions to address their unforgivable flaws. This witty artist knows what a spoonful of sugar can do, and we are eating it up. Isabel expands on monsterized art dealers, the varnish high, and the insidious side of Bambi. –Shooting Gallery staff Continue reading

Travis Louie Lullaby

If you find yourself sleepless in Seattle next weekend, Roq La Rue Gallery will tuck you in with some not-so-sweet lullabies. Their group show,”Lush Life,” opens May 8th featuring Travis Louie, Chris Sorren, Mia, and more. If Cyclops-meets-Eraserhead doesn’t spell out “sweet dreams” for you, brushing up on David Lynch might be a good pretext to this exhibition.

Slave Monkeys n Ukeleles: Isabel Samaras

Juxtapoz senses a change in atmosphere as the opening for “Into the Woodz” approaches. They popped the 20 questions with Miss Isabel– lo and behold, the woman can write!

What’s your biggest non-green inspired indulgence?

I consume mass quantities of ultra-dark chocolate made from cacao pods collected by slave monkeys. And it’s gooooood.

What is the single most important thing you did to breakthrough as a career artist?

Painted the stuff I’d been thinking about my whole life.

Can’t stand:

Hate mongering Fox “News.”  I wont even dignify them with names (you know who you are you lily liver’d pack of lying weasels).

Read 20 questions with Isabel Samaras at Juxtapoz

NY I Love You, but…


New York is difficult to fence in. It’s offensively arrogant and perplexingly tolerant. Erotically alluring and nauseating repulsive. An oxygen tank for thoughts, and quicksand for illusions. Sentimental Samaritan and merciless lyncher. Empty talk at predictable receptions, and genuine interest in unlikely situations. Voluptuous muse, and flat canvas. Cool business card, target oriented CV, brief acquaintance, entertaining fuck, miserable marriage, harmonic partnership and lifelong friendship. –V1 Gallery

Copenhagen is about to get a dose of NYC, and all the mind-blowing artists that come with the beloved city. “The New Yorkers” opens May 1st at V1 Gallery, showcasing works by Erik Foss (“DRAW Show” curator), KAWS, Barbara Kruger, Futura, and many more.