Daily Archives: May 13, 2009

Wooster in the White House

Change is on the way, my friends. The good people of Wooster Collective were recently invited to the White House to meet with the Obama Administration- an event we would have never anticipated. The briefing gave over fifty arts organizations the chance to engage in a discussion with White House officials, and we are eager to see the ensuing changes play out.


“We know that a lot of people will hate us for going to The White House. But for us, the goal of attending the meetings yesterday was not to attempt to ‘partner’ with government on anything. Or to ask for their acceptance. The power of street art is that you don’t ask for, nor need, permission. At best, it’s about tolerance and understanding.” –Wooster Collective

Ron English Talks Starving Artist

At the end of the day — and I don’t think people are ever going to understand this — I make less money than a plumber does. But nobody can have a plumber come to their house for two and a half months to work on their pipes, and then get a bill at the end. They just don’t know how much work actually goes into the art. Jackson Pollock didn’t get 80 million dollars for his paintings. He barely survived. Sometimes it becomes a cultural artifact. At that point, it’s not really art anyway. It’s just a marker for wealthy peoples’ money. -Ron English

Read the full interview at Flavorwire and click below to sample the film Abraham Obama, screening tomorrow at the 92Y Tribeca in New York.