Daily Archives: May 14, 2009

Quit Ramblin: New Messenger Bags

Ramblin Worker, a “DRAW Show” contributor and Gallery Three artist, has just packaged up some neat messenger bags for our enjoyment. With Bicycle Film Festival 2009 just around the bend (May 29-30), these pouches will serve useful to many a messenger.

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Yin Yang, Bigfoot & Flying Elephants

Ron English never sleeps- or so we deduce by incessant media coverage of his infinite projects. This March he teamed up with Bigfoot and Jason Maloney in New Jersey to bomb the Hudson County Art Supply, resulting in a mural that flows smoothly while also staying true to each artists’ common imagery (more at Juxtapoz). Hurley produced this video documenting the project:

Kris Kuksi Heading North, eh?


This weekend, Kris Kuksi and Andrew Jones are heading north for the opening of “Divine Invasion” at Toronto’s Meta Gallery. Considering the success of Kris’ last show, “Imminent Utopia,” we are excited to see where his new works take us.

Meta’s press release made us think twice about Kris’ work:

The viewer is just as much a part of the artwork as the characters that inhabit the landscape of this truly bizarre and unearthly realm . . . Various characters appear throughout – soldiers in this emerging paradigm, and evidence within Kris’ works that a greater story is being told.

Down with McBig Boy

Paper Magazine just commissioned 15 of its “personal favorite fearless creative communicators” to create an ad-like “rebranding of America.” Among participating artists are Ron English, Shepard Fairey, Chris Johanson, Jonathan Horowitz, and The Bruce High Quality Foundation. Ron English’s engorged mascot is one of a biting series, including “Mc Big Boy at Big Ben” currently at Elms Lesters Painting Rooms (pictured below).