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Burlesque Book Signing


Molly takes Berkeley on July 12th to celebrate the release of her first ever graphic novel, Scarlett Takes Manhattan. Burlesque is the word, and Sparkly Devil the muse: bring your sketchbooks to catch a pose or two from this drawing salon queen. Cupcakes are promised along with a reading, projections, and book signing from Molly Crabapple herself.

Stop by Comic Relief on July 12th from 6:30-7:30pm to partake in the festivities. If you can’t make it to Berkeley for the book signing you can catch Molly at 111 Minna the following evening for Dr. Sketchy’s San Francisco.

Check out what Flavorwire has to say about the Scarlett Takes Manhattan here.

God from the East

Underwater excursions never looked so scandalous, but leave it to Yumiko Kayukawa to combine nature and beautiful women in a cute but confrontational scene. This piece is part of her new show, “Higashi No Kamisama – God from the East” at Joshua Liner Gallery in NYC. The exhibition launches on July 11th to an eager crowd, and we just can’t wait to have Yumiko under our own roof again this November.

Photo Source: Arrested Motion

Kris Kuksi x Accidental Mysteries

We’ve read interviews with Kris Kuksi before, but this sit-down with Accidental Mysteries really gets to the good stuff:

“I’d have to say that I really have a lot of doubt that man will follow through in saving the planet and himself from peril. I’m not so sure about a higher power.

Maybe it is just a situation where humans need to come up with the idea that something has to be greater than them to help explain things. I just wonder if humans are smart enough to let reason rule and give up religious fanaticism and political differences.

I suppose we might go down in history as the dinosaurs did and, eventually, be engulfed by the next ice age or cataclysmic event even if we did find a way to save the ecology and balance of the planet.” -Kris Kuksi, Accidental Mysteries Interview

Make Something Pretty While You Can

Joshua Petker is a multifacted guy and it seems like everyone is trying to get into his brain. This is a quote to ponder from his recent chat with 405:

“There’s a Belle and Sebastian lyric where he sings, ‘Make something pretty while you can, don’t fall asleep’ and, that always strikes me as romantic. I don’t believe in God or souls. But I love being alive and am a fan of the universe. I know death is coming but i want to leave a garden of beautiful work in my wake. That’s motivation for inspiration for me.” -Joshua Petker, 405 Interview

Sneak Peek: Paul Chatem

Paul Chatem‘s two man show, “Until the Whistle Blows,” is just two weeks from opening and we are itching with anticipation. From what we’ve seen so far, Mike Maxwell and Paul Chatem are cooking up their most progressive work to date.

The grand opening is July 11th, but in the mean time take a look inside Paul’s studio.





Press Release: Bryan Schnelle

Gallery Three Presents:

“Suicide Machine”

New Works by Bryan Schnelle


Opening Reception: August 8th 2009 from 7-11pm, and open to the public.

Showing: August 8th through September 7th, 2009

Gallery Three is proud to present “Suicide Machine”, a new body of works by Bryan Schnelle. “Suicide Machine” attempts to expose and explore human greed and the decomposition of ‘utopia’. This collection of satirical illustrations builds a platform for serious thought and reflection. Please join us for the opening reception on August 8th 2009 from 7-11pm.

Bryan Schnelle began entertaining himself with images of people wearing ski masks back in 2005. Since then, his work has become more realized and refined. Masked figure represents an unknown. The incognito character hides behind a dark veil of falsehood and deception; a metaphor for society. Schnell’s Old English script on white panels is authoritative and demanding, while the masked portraits creates an abrasive and uncomfortable combination. The backgrounds are left solid white to further illustrate the isolation of the world in which these characters inhabit. Continue reading

Press Release: Shawn Barber

The Shooting Gallery is proud to present:
“Tattooed Portraits – Snapshots”
New Works by Shawn Barber

shawn barber

Opening Reception: August 15th 2009 from 7-11pm, and open to the public.

Showing: August 15th through September 7th, 2009

The Shooting Gallery is proud to present “Tattooed Portraits – Snapshots,” a new body of work by Shawn Barber this August. Contrasting between realistic figurative painting, art history and tattoo culture, this exhibit showcases Barber’s signature brush work. Please join us for the opening reception on August 15th 2009 from 7-11pm.

Combining his passions for art, travel and tattoos, Shawn Barber has spent the last 4 years touring with tattoo conventions, parlors and renegade artists throughout the US. The ongoing series of “Tattoo Portraits” documents the art of tattoo; the process, the history, the application, the artist and their bodies. In this new collection of 18 oil paintings, Barber pays tribute to the artists that are tattooing and the artists that are tattooed. The series, now accounting for more than 100 artist portraits, will feature new works of Scott Sylvia, Jeff Rassier, Steve Boltz, Dave Fox, Saluape Aisea, Mike Davis and several others. Continue reading