Arrested Motion Loves the Gozz

A hot cup o’ joe and Arrested Motion is all we need to get the day going, especially when Greg Gossel has a brand new interview up. He goes into depth about the new themes in “Happy Endings” opening this Saturday:

“I guess the overall tone of this show is a bit darker than most of my previous work. Many of the pieces incorporate this ongoing theme of a fall from grace, pieces of our collective history which were not the storybook endings that are so often portrayed in mass media . . . Aesthetically, I feel this new show is bolder and more complex than much of my previous work.

There is something I really love about the medium of silkscreen; the instant gratification of a print, the ability repeat and overlap images very quickly, while having the opportunity to experiment with different colors and printing techniques. My work is quite spontaneous by nature, so having that increased ability to quickly reproduce and change imagery within my work has been great.” -Greg Gossel

Read the full interview at Arrested Motion.


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