Some Flava Flav for Gossel

Greg Gossel is just hours away from unveiling three gallery spaces filled with new works on canvas, paper and wood. Flavorpill had nice things to say about “Happy Endings,” and we think they did a great job describing Greg’s aesthetic:

“Appearances are deceiving in Greg Gossel‘s art. Although they’re far from photorealistic, Gossel’s works share as much of an affinity with ‘hyper-real’ painters like Gerhard Richter as they do with more obvious Pop influences such as Roy Lichtenstein.

His canvases, which on first glance look like two-dimensional paper collages, are for the most part paintings, which seamlessly mix meticulous renderings of old comic panels, newspaper clippings, random doodles, and iconic figures — such as Kate Moss and Frederick Douglass — with actual paper scraps in a palimpsest-like riot of color and pop-cultural references. Happy Endings presents the largest exhibit to date of the artist’s work, with 50 new original pieces.”

– Matt Sussman, Flavorpill


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