Travel Diary: Chris Blackstock x Erik Foss

We already got a piece of Chris Blackstock’s trip to NYC in his first travel diary entry describing a Jonathan Levine Gallery opening. Here goes Part II straight from Chris:
In the Lower East Side of Manhattan one man works in solidarity to break down the constructs of society into its real nature of blood, lust, and guts… or at least that’s what some homeless dude told me. Erik Foss has established himself in this city as a gallery owner, bartender, club owner, artist, and all around awesome guy to know. He was gracious enough to take time out of his busy schedule to show me around his studio while I was visiting NYC.


A huge gallery space on the bottom floor.



Wtf? Alcohol? Ping pong? Arcades? Beautiful women? Gold Reeboks spinning on turntables? I think I am home.


Up another few flights of stairs and past some other artists’ studios and we reach Erik’s spot. Near the top of an old dark, dingy, and completely fucking awesome New York castle.


He seemed to occupy one of the torture chambers with old dry wall boarding and aged brick. Punk and electro played in the background with old Thrasher magazines, records, porn, and antique photographs strewn about.


The tools of the trade.


The good stuff.


Erik collects some great reference material.


Dan Leeb over at Cinecycle Films stopped by for a chat and a look-see of the studio. Awesome guy. Checkout his website.


Finally a roof view in NYC.


A parting present for Erik. It just so happened to be my 25th birthday and Erik showed me a good time at his bar Lit Lounge. If you’re in the area you should definitely go there and check out the adjoining Fuse Gallery. Thanks again Erik for showing me some good art, fine women, and a place to get trashed on my 25th. -Chris Blackstock


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