New SF Program: Art in Storefronts

Few people would say that The Great Recession has positively impacted their livelihood, but good news is finally here for San Francisco artists. In light of increasing storefront vacancies plaguing the city this year, the San Francisco Arts Commission and the Mayor’s Office of Economic and Workforce Development have put their heads together. They couldn’t have come up with a better solution: why not call on local artists to beautify these dark, empty spaces?

For the “Arts in Storefronts” program, a small stipend will be allotted to local artists to install their work in vacant storefronts of Taylor Street, Third Street, Central Market, and Lower 24th Street Corridors.

In the words of Luis R. Cancel, Director of Cultural Affairs for San Francisco: “This initiative is important for two reasons: it transforms vacant storefronts into attractive exhibition spaces and provides greater visibility to the creative community that calls San Francisco their home. Art in Storefronts recognizes the role that artists can play in promoting economic and community vibrancy.”

This is the kind of program that has potential to launch local artists’ careers and bring a bit of hope to the neighborhoods that need it most. We are especially excited to pass by the coming storefront installations in our beloved Tenderloin. With so many talented artists living in this district, the displays are bound to be impressive.

If you are an artist interested in this program, apply here:


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