Gold vs. Petker

Gold Petker fashion collaboration

Joshua Petker‘s paintings ring of high fashion and good taste, so it’s no surprise that he has joined forces with designer, Jared Gold, to produce a unique line. Tonight at Hollywood’s Club Social, a runway show will launch the highly anticipated Gold vs. Petker collaboration. We chatted with Joshua about the project:

“I draw a lot of influence from fashion photography and I’ve always been very interested in fashion design.  When I came across the work of Jared Gold a few years back I felt an immediate connection to his vision and to the world he creates for his runway shows, and realized I needed to reach out to him. Luckily for me he was familiar with my paintings and was immediately interested in combining our visions in some way and we became friends from afar, communicating via email from time to time.

A few years later he and I discussed developing a line, initially of really simple designs, but which has developed into something far beyond my expectations. It is a fascinating experience seeing someone develop a line of clothes based off something I produced on a canvas.  There are butterflies, ribbons, neon acid-washed outfits, and girls with pink hair and yellow and blue eye-shadow.  Jared calls our collaboration a ‘colored-gore-explosion’ and that pretty much sums it up.  I’m excited for the runway show this evening and hopeful everyone enjoys this experiment and the outcome.”


One response to “Gold vs. Petker

  1. Joshua Petker is an amazing artist. This is going to be a great show!

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