Masters of the Impossible by Ramblin Worker

We suspect that Steve MacDonald has elves living in his studio, because it’s hard to believe how many projects he has a hand in. After concluding a series of projects for the Bicycle Film Festival, including an installation at Huf SF and contributions to the Joyride exhibition, Steve is already looking ahead.

His next show, Masters of the Impossible, opens on September 4th at Rare Device in San Francisco. Just a month later, Steve aka Ramblin Worker will be installing a solo show at our own Gallery Three and we trust that something’s up his sleeve for Upstairs is Where the Magic Happens. After all, he’s Steve.

Steve MacDonald Masters of the Impossible

Check out what Rare Device has to say about Ramblin Worker’s enticing sewed wonders:

“San Francisco-based artist Steve MacDonald creates embroidered paintings on gilded canvases. His work draws inspiration from an eclectic array of sources including Japanese nature scenes, folk art, fantasy, mythology and elements from the urban experience. Taken together, his compositions provoke a variety of spontaneous references through the depiction of fantastical landscapes. A variety of imagery act out fantastical narratives, where tigers, rainbows, cityscapes, skulls and shipping containers are juxtaposed against the backdrop of a traditional Japanese print form.”


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