Kevin Taylor Playing Tonight at The Rite Spot Cafe

Kevin E. Taylor has been taking advantage of his new spacious studio space in order to put the final touches on paintings for for his upcoming exhibition, Terrestrial Syndrome; but tonight he is switching gears. Aside from painting, Kevin is also an experimental musician. His one-man band, Odes, can be heard tonight at The Rite Spot Cafe in San Francisco.

Come out for a dose of “mellow but eerie ambient soundscapes.” To us, that means Taylor’s music compliments his paintings quite well. This short bio from Odes says it all:

“Odes makes ambient soundscapes. Instrumental compositions are loosely sculpted around melodic armatures, leaving room for re-interpretation and improvisation.”

Kevin E Taylor

Stop by The Rite Spot (2099 Folsom Street, SF) tonight from 8-10pm to hear Odes live. If you can’t make it this week, Kevin Taylor is on the musical lineup every third Wednesday, every other month at The Rite Spot.

Listen to Odes

Odes on Myspace

Odes on Facebook


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