Exclusive Interview: Kevin Earl Taylor

In anticipation of Terrestrial Syndrome opening Saturday, September 12th

Interview by The Shooting Gallery

Kevin Earl Taylor has been a good friend of The Shooting Gallery since his first show here in 2007. After growing up in Charleston, South Carolina, Taylor now takes full advantage of what the city has to offer. He regularly plays music at San Francisco cafes, hosts zine making parties in his Union Square studio, and self publishes clever books like Punny Fages.

Yet behind this busy body there is a contemplative artist who disagrees with society’s relationship to nature. The notion that humans, animals, and nature can exist as separate entities does not sit well with Kevin. He reacts by painting an alternative universe; one where animals and humans meld together in harmony. For such an unconventional guy, we had to propose an unconventional interview. Look on to discover what’s really in Kevin Taylor’s head.

Where did you grow up?

grew up uterus

What did your drawings look like when you were a kid?

Kevin Taylor kid drawing

Kevin Taylor kid drawing 2

Kevin Taylor kid drawings 3

Kevin Taylor kid drawings 4

Kevin Taylor kid drawings 5

Kevin Taylor kid drawings 6

Kevin Taylor kid drawings 7

Last thing you ate?


Favorite place to grab a drink?

grab a drink

Who is your best friend in the whole wide world?

best friend

What time of day (or night) are you most productive?

cock by Kevin Taylor

What does your studio look like right now?

studio hell by Kevin Earl Taylor

Which paintbrush is your favorite?

brush by Kevin Earl Taylor

Where do you want to be in 10 years?

10yrs by Kevin Taylor

How is Terrestrial Syndrome different than any show you’ve had before?

how show dif by Kevin Taylor

What statement does your art make about society at large?

society at large by Kevin Taylor

How would you describe your personality?

personality by Kevin Taylor

We hope to see you at Kevin Taylor’s opening on Saturday, September 12th.

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6 responses to “Exclusive Interview: Kevin Earl Taylor

  1. Kevin Taylor, a man of few words – well, no words. Loved the interview!!

  2. ahahaha the portrait of Justin is classic!

  3. That was awesome.

  4. is that your pecker in a sock???

  5. KT – you da man. love the interview, and the new work is great. keep it up bro.

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