Happy Labor Day from The Shooting Gallery

The boys are coming tomorrow to begin their  installation for Terrestrial Syndrome and we’re expecting a full blown takeover. Erik and Kevin have been busting up their blogs with news about their fresh paintings, including images and insider explanations. Click the image above to view process shots from Erik Otto, and read below to hear how Kevin Taylor brought a skill saw into the mix for “The Presentation of Wolf.”

“Sometimes a painting just doesn’t seem to work.  That’s exactly what happened with “The Presentation of Wolf”.  I originally had a collection of beings gathered in a picture plane, but for some reason, the painting seemed confused.  One thing led to another and next thing you know, out came the skillsaw.  The one thing I did like about the painting was the wolf head, so after chopping the painting up, I painted over everything else.  I was then faced with the predicament of making a lone wolf head seem purposeful. After some thought, I hit on the idea of the orb/placenta/womb which in turn inspired a series of paintings still in progress. These orb paintings explore the very moment in time when proto – species became the species acknowledged by modern biology.  I enjoy the idea of destruction being an alternative form of creation, and have found that by destroying the parts of a thing that are not useful or relevant, a pure form is revealed.  Ironically, much like the concept of evolution itself.” –Kevin E. Taylor


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