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Ron English Paints Pretty Girls at SDCC 2009

Ron English was in high demand at San Diego’s Comic Con 2009. In between signings and the Perversity Panel with Isabel Samaras, English took a moment to paint topless models at the Planet Illogica launch party. Two of our favorite art go-tos, Arrested Motion and Daily DuJour, were there to photograph Ron getting down with some pretty ladies.

© Arrested Motion

© Arrested Motion

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Popaganda Goes Vinyl


Popaganda doesn’t stop with billboards and oil paintings: Ron English has been producing a steady steam of vinyl toys to combat evil this year. We’ve already covered his MINDstyle collab, McSupersize Me, but that big boy’s only the beginning. MINDstyle’s Popaganda Circus Sideshow series also includes Mask Mouse Murphy and Obese Alien pictured here along with others to be released this August. Keep up with the MINDstyle blog for updates.


Ron English x Varnish

If you just can’t get enough Ron English, check out his works currently on display at Varnish Fine Art. Ron is one of 200 artists featured in the group show, “Eminent Domain Awareness,” organized to combat a government agency’s vacating of several buildings in San Francisco. The opening reception took place last night, and the exhibition will be up until June 20th for your viewing pleasure. See Juxtapoz for more info.

Bring Out the Monsters

No one knows monsters better than Travis Louie, and the expert himself is curating a group show to prove it. “The Monster Show” will be opening on July 7th at Copro Nason Gallery featuring Isabel Samaras, Ron English, Kris Kuksi, Molly Crabapple, Chris Ryniak, Audrey Kawasaki and more.


The Clown Just Keeps Gettin Fatter


Ron English and Ronald McDonald have a tumultuous relationship to say the least. The miserable clown mascot has become Ron’s icon for obesity, corporate evil, and a diseased society. This deluxe edition fiberglass figure is 3 feet tall, easily becoming the most terrifying of all Ron’s McBig Boy renditions. This yellow beast was crafted by Hobby Master’s Rommel Chua and brought to life by MINDstyle. There will be no clownin around this June when MINDstyle’s Delux McSupersized Me hits the market.


Jazz, Paint, and Giuliani

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In the aftermath of Ron English‘s collaborative mural with Jason Maloney and Bigfoot, Hurley got two of the artists to chat it up on camera. Ron English and Jason Maloney get to the bottom of Giuliani’s war on art, how Ron got supersized, and why mural collaborations flow like jazz trios.

Jailbreak x Ron English

Ron English has been getting a lot of attention following the release of his documentary film, Abraham Obama. Good thing he’s still got some tricks up his sleeve, making every interview unique and equally hilarious. Jailbreak just chatted with Ron about the origins of street art and Obama’s competency, finishing off with the definition of “popaganda.”


“We probably thought we had as much of a chance of making money off street art as we did making a living off doing bong hits. It was just something fun that we liked to do and then it kind of evolved into something else.” -read the full interview at Jailbreak