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Greg Gossel in Black and White

Greg Gossel‘s current solo exhibition at Aqua Art Miami shows a mix of new and old styles. Departing from his usual pop color palette, Gossel simplified his new screenprint/collage pieces by limiting himself to black and white. His eight new canvases are clearly in line with his usual style but their lack of color allows the imagery to speak even more boldly. With a more documentary feel, you might imagine these works as advertisements pasted on a New York City wall or torn from a yellowed newspaper.

Below are selected works from the exhibition (which can be viewed in its entirety here). If you are in Miami this week, stop by Aqua Wynwood’s Booth 20 before tomorrow, December 5th to experience a new side to Greg Gossel.

Inside and Out: Greg Gossel in Miami

Tomorrow marks the opening of Miami’s Aqua Wynwood art fair where galleries, artists, and collectors venture from all over the world to share their love of art. Greg Gossel has been in the spotlight this year, as he was elected by the Aqua committee to create a large scale mural on the building facade. He came prepared with a fresh collection of wheat paste images to create a larger than life collage reminiscent of his signature works on canvas and wood.

Gossel is also making a splash indoors with a solo exhibition that includes 14 pieces in color and 8 new canvases in black and white. Aqua Art calls for a venture into new territory, and Greg has lived up to his name with these dynamic new works. Exhibition details below:

Solo exhibition by Greg Gossel

December 3-5,2009

Aqua Wynwood art fair, Booth 20

View exhibition online

We are also happy to have the artists Morgan Slade, Casey Gray, Aaron Nagel, Ramblin Worker, and Jesse Hazelip in Miami with us. We appreciate their efforts to be here, showing devotion to their craft and support of the gallery. Stay tuned for updates and we hope to see you in Miami this week!

Aaron Nagel Breaks Down “The Call”

Aaron Nagel has a special talent for making a woman’s skin glow with warmth while her facial expression is firm with conviction. We can’t take our eyes off these beautiful ladies, especially in “The Call.” We caught process shots of this painting on Aaron’s blog, and we had to ask him more about it. Read below for Aaron’s interpretation.


How did you come across the model?

I met her through a friend at a bbq,  somehow found out that she had a ton of modeling experience, and amazingly got her to help out with a bunch of paintings.  she’s beautiful and has a graceful but very aggressive look. she also lets me paint her hands and poke her with arrows.


Why did you paint her hands black?

I happened upon the idea of painting hands during a shoot with a model a few years ago. Like most of the stuff I do, the meaning behind a particular element or theme comes second to the look, but I’ve since come to think of the black painted hands as a metaphor for guilt, or a marking of some past offense.


How is it that she is pierced by arrows, but seemingly at peace with her situation?

I think of the women I paint as saints, a new sort of iconography for skeptics like me who don’t believe in God. instead of being victims though, like St. Sebastian (the often arrow-pierced saint), my saints are vengeful and unaffected.


How does the black halo relate to the arrows?

Saints get halos! Plus, I am comforted by symmetry and that small graphical element really helps my brain digest an image.

The Call by Aaron Nagel

Does ‘The Call’ mark a new direction in your paintings?

not thematically, but I think the execution is different than my previous stuff, and probably representative of where I’m headed.

Keep an eye out for Aaron Nagel at our December Aqua Wynwood exhibition and at The Shooting Gallery in March 2010.

Remembering Miami

justin, jonathan foss miami

Levine, Foss, and Giarla in The Shooting Gallery’s booth.


it aint fair foss and justin

Foss and Giarla at “It Ain’t Fair”



frohawks sculpture

Frohawk Two Feathers outside Aqua Wynwood



justin at mondrian miami

Mondrian last day.  Best lunch.


shepard pasting in miami

Shepard Fairey mural in the Wynwood district.


everyone at shepards party

Greg Gossel, Rachel , Van Arno, Megan, Justin Giarla, Nick

Shepard’s party at the Shore Club 


wk interact miamiWK Interact at LeVine’s Wynwood booth.