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Erik Foss in the House

In the House

Erik Foss just flew in from NYC armed with dozens of vintage frames and insane asylum accessories. A straight jacket, chains, a cloth mask now hang above his mixed media paper pieces and paintings in Gallery Three. They await your visit to the opening reception of Unseen on TV taking place tomorrow (Nov 14) from 7-11pm at Gallery Three.

Erik Foss and Steve MacDonaldErik Foss with Ramblin Worker

Erik Foss at Gallery Three

Erik Foss at Gallery Three

Erik Foss at Gallery Three

Erik Foss at Gallery Three

Erik Foss at Gallery Three

Erik Foss at Gallery Three

by Erik Foss

by Erik Foss

by Erik Foss

Nevr by Erik Foss

This collection of work is as personal as it gets. Each piece relates to a relationship in Erik’s past or present, and possibly even his future. Some of the stories are of tragedy, rage, or seduction while others are softly inviting. Come see Unseen on TV in person to understand Erik Foss from the inside out.

Opening reception: Saturday, November 14th 7-11pm at Gallery Three

We’ll see you there!


NY I Love You, but…


New York is difficult to fence in. It’s offensively arrogant and perplexingly tolerant. Erotically alluring and nauseating repulsive. An oxygen tank for thoughts, and quicksand for illusions. Sentimental Samaritan and merciless lyncher. Empty talk at predictable receptions, and genuine interest in unlikely situations. Voluptuous muse, and flat canvas. Cool business card, target oriented CV, brief acquaintance, entertaining fuck, miserable marriage, harmonic partnership and lifelong friendship. –V1 Gallery

Copenhagen is about to get a dose of NYC, and all the mind-blowing artists that come with the beloved city. “The New Yorkers” opens May 1st at V1 Gallery, showcasing works by Erik Foss (“DRAW Show” curator), KAWS, Barbara Kruger, Futura, and many more.

Remembering Miami

justin, jonathan foss miami

Levine, Foss, and Giarla in The Shooting Gallery’s booth.


it aint fair foss and justin

Foss and Giarla at “It Ain’t Fair”



frohawks sculpture

Frohawk Two Feathers outside Aqua Wynwood



justin at mondrian miami

Mondrian last day.  Best lunch.


shepard pasting in miami

Shepard Fairey mural in the Wynwood district.


everyone at shepards party

Greg Gossel, Rachel , Van Arno, Megan, Justin Giarla, Nick

Shepard’s party at the Shore Club 


wk interact miamiWK Interact at LeVine’s Wynwood booth.

Foss feeling out Gallery Three


Erik Foss Preview

Erik Foss




Erik Foss