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Wednesday Walkabout: Into the Woodz

If you haven’t been by to see Isabel Samaras’ new show, “Into the Woodz,” time is running short. Set your GPS to The Shooting Gallery and see these new works before June 5th.

Red Carpet: Isabel Samaras

Red Carpet

Isabel Samaras was looking sharp on Saturday night, beaming with smiles and a well deserved sense of accomplishment. The opening of “Into the Woodz” and book release of On Tender Hooks: The Art of Isabel Samaras made for an evening of celebration, with red carpet snapshots below. Also be sure to see our exclusive interview with Isabel.


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High Fructose on Isabel Samaras

“Into the Woods” is cast with characters plucked from the fairy tales of our childhoods. Although they play themselves, they following an altogether different plot line. Sub-plots and imagined sequels to the main event. The porridge may have already gone cold, the beds have all been slept in but what happens next? –High Fructose

Isabel Samaras in the House

In the House

The Shooting Gallery has transformed overnight into a wooded empire of rappers and homegirls. Isabel Samaras‘ formidable creatures have attitude to boot and eyes you could fall in love with. Stop by tomorrow night for the opening reception of “Into the Woodz,” but beware: you might not want to come back. Check below for more install pics.

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Isabel Samaras Gets Nutz


There is only one blinged-out red squirrel in the woodz, and he’s getting all the girls. Isabel Samaras was fortunate enough to catch a photo shoot with the playa, and the resulting portrait will be on display this Saturday with “Into the Woodz.” If the original is beyond your reach, Isabel has provided a porcelain alternative: collector’s plates. “Nutz (Sciurus Vulgaris)” is 10″ high: signed and numbered, edition of 100. We agree with the creator herself: they are cool as all hell.

Exclusive Interview: Isabel Samaras

Isabel Samaras is a devious lady. She entices viewers with cuddly, dookie chain bearing woodland creatures or classical portraits of pop culture monsters. One might chuckle at the immediate irony presented, but upon deeper contemplation, Isabel poses heavy questions. Why is Goldylocks in the woods and not with her wealthy prince? How is it possible that Frankenstein and his bride are living happily ever after?

The satire penetrates to the bone, dissecting American folklore and Disney traditions to address their unforgivable flaws. This witty artist knows what a spoonful of sugar can do, and we are eating it up. Isabel expands on monsterized art dealers, the varnish high, and the insidious side of Bambi. –Shooting Gallery staff Continue reading

Slave Monkeys n Ukeleles: Isabel Samaras

Juxtapoz senses a change in atmosphere as the opening for “Into the Woodz” approaches. They popped the 20 questions with Miss Isabel– lo and behold, the woman can write!

What’s your biggest non-green inspired indulgence?

I consume mass quantities of ultra-dark chocolate made from cacao pods collected by slave monkeys. And it’s gooooood.

What is the single most important thing you did to breakthrough as a career artist?

Painted the stuff I’d been thinking about my whole life.

Can’t stand:

Hate mongering Fox “News.”  I wont even dignify them with names (you know who you are you lily liver’d pack of lying weasels).

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