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Patrick Segui in Juxtapoz

Juxtapoz Magazine‘s September 2009 issue profiles the curiosity cabinet aficionado, Patrick Segui. Lori King is right on the money with her description of Patrick’s work followed by revealing details of his biography.

Patrick Segui Juxtapoz 2009

Patrick Segui Juxtapoz 2009

Jillian Guest Blogging for Juxtapoz

We were so excited when Juxtapoz invited our publicist, Jillian Mackintosh, to contribute a guest blog to their site. Since then she provided Jux readers with an inside look into White Walls, The Shooting Gallery, and Gallery Three, as well as the SF urban art scene.

In celebration of Lafe Eaves’ faun and flaura mural adorning the stairs to Gallery Three, Jillian created the following video. Check Jillian’s blog here for further updates and insight.

Greg Gossel Heats Up the Summer

It’s been a busy summer for Greg Gossel, as his massive 60 piece show at The Shooting Gallery just came down and a brand new show is already up. Last Saturday marked the opening of Get Over It, a group show including Greg Lamarche and Steve Powers at Toronto’s Show & Tell Gallery.

We appreciate the diversity in Greg Gossel’s work, as each show is entirely unique in subject matter yet consistent in style. Browse the links below for further coverage of Greg’s summer projects.


Photo Source: Greg’s blog



Photo Source: The Art Collectors

Video of Greg Gossel’s artistic process

Greg’s exclusive Get Over It interview on Juxtapoz

The Art Collectors’ coverage of the show

Greg’s blog

“Lazarus Rising” Takes Over London

This weekend marks the opening of many long anticipated shows, but Ron English at Elms Lesters Painting Rooms is at the top on our list. Here are some preview shots of “Lazarus Rising”:

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Slave Monkeys n Ukeleles: Isabel Samaras

Juxtapoz senses a change in atmosphere as the opening for “Into the Woodz” approaches. They popped the 20 questions with Miss Isabel– lo and behold, the woman can write!

What’s your biggest non-green inspired indulgence?

I consume mass quantities of ultra-dark chocolate made from cacao pods collected by slave monkeys. And it’s gooooood.

What is the single most important thing you did to breakthrough as a career artist?

Painted the stuff I’d been thinking about my whole life.

Can’t stand:

Hate mongering Fox “News.”  I wont even dignify them with names (you know who you are you lily liver’d pack of lying weasels).

Read 20 questions with Isabel Samaras at Juxtapoz

Smile Big for Ron English

Juxtapoz has nice things to say about Ron English. With his big May show coming soon to London town, everyone’s a talkin: get up to speed with the latest from the greatest.

“What makes a Ron English piece of art instantly recognizable beyond its signature photorealist technique and brazen color scheme is the utterly unique way in which the artwork presents a new idea embedded in the familiar, creating progressive mutations whilst referring to historical events.” -Read more at Juxtapoz.com

Kiss Kids In Juxtapoz 100th Issue

Page 144, issue 100: Ron English. Little more explanation is needed, as the outspoken English sums up his thoughts on Coca Cola, advertising, and the power of anonymity for Juxtapoz readers.