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Cover to Cover: On Tender Hooks

Tonight, the release party for On Tender Hooks coincides with the opening for Isabel Samaras’ new show, “Into the Woodz,” at The Shooting Gallery. Below are some highlights from Isabel’s classy book, and we all agree it’s oh so tender.

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Pop Culture Genius of Isabel Samaras

The Birth of Ginger, Oil on Wood, 16 x 20 inches, 2002

“Love that Ginger has tan lines, an impish note to an already playful image. Just to further solidify Samaras’ pop culture street cred, she’s seen Star Wars 73 times!  As a kid, she adored TV, and the characters she met in television land stuck around and populated her imagination.” -Angela Carone, Culture Lust.

Exclusive Interview: Isabel Samaras

Isabel Samaras is a devious lady. She entices viewers with cuddly, dookie chain bearing woodland creatures or classical portraits of pop culture monsters. One might chuckle at the immediate irony presented, but upon deeper contemplation, Isabel poses heavy questions. Why is Goldylocks in the woods and not with her wealthy prince? How is it possible that Frankenstein and his bride are living happily ever after?

The satire penetrates to the bone, dissecting American folklore and Disney traditions to address their unforgivable flaws. This witty artist knows what a spoonful of sugar can do, and we are eating it up. Isabel expands on monsterized art dealers, the varnish high, and the insidious side of Bambi. –Shooting Gallery staff Continue reading

Show and Tell: On Tender Hooks

Oh Isabel, how your bedtime stories do scare the children. Baby Bear shouldn’t bite Run DMC’s bling and Goldy Locks really should be wearing sunscreen in those woods. But what can we say- as long as they are happy. Isabel elaborates on her new book, On Tender Hooks, released May 9th at The Shooting Gallery.

Fun/Disturbing: On Tender Hooks

We can’t wait to get our hands on Isabel Samaras’ new book, On Tender Hooks. The book release party will be held in conjunction with Isabel’s opening for “Into the Woodz” at The Shooting Gallery on May 9th; but apparently Juxtapoz has already peeped the goods. We found this amusing review in the killer 100th issue, hitting stands any day now.