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Ron English Paints Pretty Girls at SDCC 2009

Ron English was in high demand at San Diego’s Comic Con 2009. In between signings and the Perversity Panel with Isabel Samaras, English took a moment to paint topless models at the Planet Illogica launch party. Two of our favorite art go-tos, Arrested Motion and Daily DuJour, were there to photograph Ron getting down with some pretty ladies.

© Arrested Motion

© Arrested Motion

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Ron English Talks Starving Artist

At the end of the day — and I don’t think people are ever going to understand this — I make less money than a plumber does. But nobody can have a plumber come to their house for two and a half months to work on their pipes, and then get a bill at the end. They just don’t know how much work actually goes into the art. Jackson Pollock didn’t get 80 million dollars for his paintings. He barely survived. Sometimes it becomes a cultural artifact. At that point, it’s not really art anyway. It’s just a marker for wealthy peoples’ money. -Ron English

Read the full interview at Flavorwire and click below to sample the film Abraham Obama, screening tomorrow at the 92Y Tribeca in New York.

“Lazarus Rising” Takes Over London

This weekend marks the opening of many long anticipated shows, but Ron English at Elms Lesters Painting Rooms is at the top on our list. Here are some preview shots of “Lazarus Rising”:

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Lenticular “Abraham Obama” Prints

In order to be an effective popagandist, one must be leaps ahead of the rest. Ron English knows how to set the pace: his iconic Abraham Obama image took the country by storm, and now follows the documentary. The film Abraham Obama premiers in New York on May 14th, an event anticipated by a special print release using never before seen technology. Ron’s hand-printed silkscreen 3D lenticular prints are a breakthrough in printmaking, explained by Ron in this video from Jetset Graffiti. Continue reading

“Kings of the City” Bombs NYC


The original breeding ground of graffiti culture, New York City, highlights the growth of this art form in “Kings of the City.” The film festival will take place this May at Maysles Cinema, presenting rare documentaries of graffiti culture’s birth and development from NYC to Europe. An accompanying Graffiti Art Gallery will support the non-profit, The Walls Belong to Us. Although the lineup looks very juicy, we are especially interested in the following film featuring Ron English:

Inside Outside
Dir. Andreas Johnson and Nis Boye Rasmussen
57 min.
Inside Outside presents some key figures from the current graffiti inspired street art scene including Zevs from Paris, Swoon, KR and Earsnot from NYC, Ron English from Jersey City, Adam & Itso from Sweden and Denmark, and and Os Gemeos and Pigmeus from Sao Paulo.

To see the full lineup, check out Wooster Collective.

Ron English Refigures Lilo & Stitch

Disney x MINDstyle Stitch Experiment 626 Project Artist Series Vinyl Figures

Ron English has combined forces with Disney and MINDstyle to design two snuggly, skeletal vinyls of Stitch. Ron isn’t one to let us down, and this is no exception: we’re diggin the fierce grill and lovable carcass of his two models. Other artists included in the Disney x  Mindstyle Stitch Experiment 626 Artist Series are Buff Monster, kaNO, Peekaboo Monster and Angry Woebots. Each vinyl toy is 5″ tall and is limited to 500 pieces, hitting stores this summer.

Smile Big for Ron English

Juxtapoz has nice things to say about Ron English. With his big May show coming soon to London town, everyone’s a talkin: get up to speed with the latest from the greatest.

“What makes a Ron English piece of art instantly recognizable beyond its signature photorealist technique and brazen color scheme is the utterly unique way in which the artwork presents a new idea embedded in the familiar, creating progressive mutations whilst referring to historical events.” -Read more at Juxtapoz.com