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NY I Love You, but…


New York is difficult to fence in. It’s offensively arrogant and perplexingly tolerant. Erotically alluring and nauseating repulsive. An oxygen tank for thoughts, and quicksand for illusions. Sentimental Samaritan and merciless lyncher. Empty talk at predictable receptions, and genuine interest in unlikely situations. Voluptuous muse, and flat canvas. Cool business card, target oriented CV, brief acquaintance, entertaining fuck, miserable marriage, harmonic partnership and lifelong friendship. –V1 Gallery

Copenhagen is about to get a dose of NYC, and all the mind-blowing artists that come with the beloved city. “The New Yorkers” opens May 1st at V1 Gallery, showcasing works by Erik Foss (“DRAW Show” curator), KAWS, Barbara Kruger, Futura, and many more.