Gallery Three



August                             Bryan Schnelle

September                      David Young

October                           Ramblin Worker

November                       Erik Foss

December                        Fanee


April 2009                         Adam Flores (View New Works)

May 2009                           Dustin Olson (Press Release)

June 2009                          Greg Gossel (View New Works, Press Release)

July 2009                            Lafe Eaves (Press Release)

One response to “Gallery Three

  1. hello
    my name is clemens rudloff i am from germany.
    last summer i was in san francisco and i was also in the arts galery locatet at 6th street. Ist this here the web page of the gallery i mean? i searched it with street view and i am now not sure if it is the right one.
    i get to know a really nice guy in this gallery, im sorry i have forgotten his name i think it was something with k but i know that he had black skin and he has some glasses and a violet cap 😀
    i think he will remember me i stayed ther a few days and i also paintet a picture (the man with the tv and the words “gib mir dein hirn”)
    maybe you can give my e mail to him so we can write each other
    my e-mail is
    and now i have a second question: a friend of me has to do a work training (its important for school) and she wants to go to san francisco and she is very interested in arts.
    so is it maybe possible that she can do this in your gallery?
    how long this is and so on maybe she will tell you, if you want i can show her your web-page and she can write you
    please answer back
    sincerely yours

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